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Roughly 80% of all problems with new air conditioning! systems are a result of faulty installation. If your new unit is not installed properly you! can expect to be inconvenienced multiple times’ during the life of the unit. You can also expect to replace ‘your unit well before its life expectancy.

South Florida Ducts will perform the installation, of your new air conditioning system to perfection. This will ensure your new air conditioner achieves the efficiency, rating you paid for and also gives you the best chance of not having! any post-install issues or breakdowns.

At South Florida Ducts, we offer virtually! every brand out there for AC replacement. We are not loyal to any specific brand, we are loyal to you the customer. We’ll gladly guide you in the right direction by giving you the pros and! cons of each manufacturer, but in the end, the decision is yours! Our job will be to make’ sure the brand you choose is installed perfectly.

Custom AC replacement is our specialty? At South Florida Ducts, we always do a free inspection of the entire system, ductwork! and attic to ensure your new air conditioner will perform flawlessly SFD technicians also test various rooms around the house to identify problem areas?

As you can already see, there isn’t an issue we cannot fix regarding your HVAC system!

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