Why is it so much more to coat/restore? Is it really worth the money?
Just about every day I speak with customers who have these questions regarding their air ducts.
Here are some answers that may help you as well.
Why Duct Restoration over Duct Cleaning?
The answer to this is very simple. Duct Restoration is a much more tangible service. Duct Restoration is like duct cleaning with icing on the cake. The difference is the icing or coating yields a monumental difference in your indoor air quality.
If you live in South Florida then there are very good odds your duct system is made out of at least partial Fiberglass.
If you live in an apartment or condo then the odds are very good that your duct system is 100% Fiberglass.

The silver-looking Ductwork above your air handler’ that goes through the ceiling and into the attic is called a supply plenum. Your supply plenum is made out of 100% Fiberglass. See circled pic.

duct restoration
duct restoration

If you live in a single family home than you most likely have distribution boxes in your attic that are 100% Fiberglass. See pic.

The can which is the piece the register or grill screws into is lined with fiberglass around every vent where the cold air comes out is Fiberglass (see pic).

air duct restoration
So why is duct cleaning not good enough?
The reason duct cleaning is ineffective for fiberglass is the fact that you cannot aggressively clean fiberglass.
If Fiberglass is brushed or agitated, thousands if not millions of loose fiberglass particles will now be introduced into your indoor air environment. Fiberglass particles are one the worst things you can ingest far worse than whatever your initial concern was.
This is why coating your Fiberglass with FiberLock IAQ8000 is so effective.

The coating absorbs into and bonds with the fiberglass, when dry there will be a hard white shell that the air will travel through versus the previous fiberglass. See the before pic.

air duct restoration
Air Duct Restoration

See after pic:

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