Which Air Filter Works Best?

For years there has been an ongoing battle between Air Conditioning and Air Duct technicians about what type of filters you should be using. The AC technicians say you need an extremely thick filter to block anything and everything from getting near the evaporator coil. The Air Duct Technicians would tell the customer that the filter they just paid big bucks for was restricting airflow and that they should just throw it away! The answer is you need a new type of filter to help the air conditioner AND the air ducts.

An Air Filter Both AC and Air Duct Technicians Can Agree On!

The Health Smart Filter with BioSponge Plus Inserts protects your air quality and lets the air handler breathe at the same time. It is truly the best of both worlds. It has an antimicrobial treated dry tackifier with polyester air filter media. Its Aegis microbe shield not only eliminates the filter as a potential breeding ground for micro-organisms but also reduces airborne micro-organisms by up to 86.5% in a single pass through the filter. BioSponge Plus plus features’ a special dual-density design to allow, for an extended 60-day filter life and a 60% increase in Inefficiency over regular BioSponge media.

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