Air Duct Restoration

Air Duct Restoration is the ultimate service for your Air Ducts


Duct Restoration is the combination of Air Duct Cleaning and Air Duct Coating. Our process and the new mold-resistant surface are guaranteed to make your air ducts better than new ones, this means better efficiency and hospital-grade air quality in your home.


Duct Coating is the only effective procedure for ridding your existing ducts of Mold, Bacteria, Mildew Pet Odor Nicotine, and other odors that duct cleaning can’t. Duct restoration is a process in which once we clean the flex ductwork to where all the loose dust and dirt are gone, the fiberglass portions of your ducts are then vacuumed and treated with a white mold-resistant coating. When the procedure is finished your ducts are in better condition than when they were originally installed.

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Step One

Perform Air Duct Cleaning  as described on our Air Duct Cleaning Page.

air duct restoration

Step Two

Contact vacuum all accessible fiberglass portions of the duct system. Does this include the supply plenum, distribution boxes, and cans.
The video shows how to contact vacuuming is properly done.

Removing the particulates from the ductwork prior to coating is extremely’ important, and directly affects the life of the coating.

Step Three

Once all the fiberglass portion of the ductwork is vacuumed thoroughly. we will then apply the mold-resistant coating to all the ducts. The results are a magnificent transformation from moldy air ducts to better than new ducts. The air quality in your home immediately ascends to pristine after this amazing Air Duct Coating process is completed.

air duct restoration
air duct restoration

Step Four

Once the Duct Coating is complete we seal up all of the access holes that were cut with mastic. We then reinstall all the grills and clean up.

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