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attic insulation davie



Common Signs You Could Benefit From Attic Insulation:

  • Inconsistent indoor temperatures/temperature fluctuations.
  • High energy bills or seemingly explainable spikes in energy costs
  • You have had any type of animal infestation in your roof or attic including rats, bats, etc.
  • There are random drafts that come through your home; even when no windows are open.
  • If insulation becomes moist, damp, or wet for any reason it must be replaced.
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About Attic Insulation

Are you looking for attic insulation in DavieSouth Florida Ducts is one of the top attic insulation companies in South Florida.
South Florida Ducts uses AttiCat which is rated the number one attic insulation in the industry! AttiCat insulation will maintain its efficiency and it will continue to be reliable throughout time, It will not absorb moisture so it’ll never lose its insulation value.


Do you need Attic Insulation

Attic insulation in Davie is so important, In fact’ NAIMA reports that South Florida has some of the highest insulation requirements in the country! You guessed it because South Florida is really hot, To keep cool without breaking the bank you need a solid air conditioning system and a well-insulated home which starts with attic insulation in Davie.


What does R-value have to do with Attic Insulation


If you have an R-value below 30 you’re likely experiencing significant heat gain/loss, Count on us to assess and match specific R-value goals based on your location, climate and city code!
Even if your attic was insulated in the past, cellulose breaks down over time and losses its insulating R-value. In these situations, we use the highest quality blow-in fiberglass, Since South Florida Ducts is one of the largest Attic Insulation in South Florida we’re able to assess the situation and give your attic exactly what it needs.

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