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COVID-19 Procedures - South Florida Ducts

Due to the recent outbreak of the COV-19 virus, we at SFD will be taking additional precautionary steps to protect our employees and customers. 
We understand that our duct cleaning services are in even higher demand than before. However we want to ensure that we are not putting our customers , or our technicians at any unnecessary risk. 

Pertaining to our Technicians: 

We have Implemented a 0 tolerance policy for sickness. Any sign of sickness, even the most minor, will result in that technician being sent home immediately. We will require a doctors note clearing them for work before they return. Temperatures will be Monitored each morning. 

We are supplying all of our technicians with the following: 
1. Half face Respirator 

2. Fresh pair of gloves 

3. Coveralls. 

In addition we have stocked our duct cleaning trucks with products that kill human coronavirus, influenza, and other viruses. 
We will be sanitizing our equipment before each job. 
We also ask that our customers give our technicians plenty of personal space during the performance of their job duties. We also ask that customers would make us aware if someone in the home was sick. 
These procedures will continue through 04/15/2019, and will be re-evaluated at that time. 
We at South Florida Ducts are committed to continuing excellent HVAC cleaning services while protecting the health of our customers and employees.