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AC MAINTENANCE - South Florida Ducts

Here are the services that are performed:

1. Check refrigerant pressures?
2. Check compressor and motor amps?
3. Temperature Differential?
4. Check the condition of the indoor coil?
5. Change and Check the filter.
6. Clear PVC Drain line!
7. Check the condition of the outdoor coil.
8. Check to make sure the plenum is sealed! to the air handler!
9. Check the overall condition, of ductwork.
10. Check for bacteria, growth inside the unit or ductwork.

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Why should you have Preventative Maintenance done on your air conditioning system?

The reason preventive maintenance! is so important is the numerous problems’ that can arise from not having! a PM did periodically. One of the biggest and most prevalent issues is when the air handler is leaking water. The most common reason for this is a clogged drain line. During the regular use of your A/C unit water is constantly flowing from your unit to the outside of your home or business. The water comes from! the hot humid air meeting the cold air that passes through the evaporator, coil. The water usually drains to the outside through a PVC pipe.

That constant flow of water will always result in a build-up of algae. During a routine PM, our SFD technician will clear the PVC with nitrogen! If this isn’t routinely done, the algae will build up and clog the pipe. This will result in the float switch connected to the unit shutting off and or the A/C will leak water. Another common problem that arises from lack of Preventive Maintenance is a dirty evaporator coil.

Having a dirty evaporator coil can and will cause many problems throughout the air conditioning system. A dirty coil can cause anything from a water leak to a blown-out compressor. When your coil is dirty it will strain every other component, in your AC system. This is what causes failures and breakdowns. During a routine PM, the coil and more importantly the filter! will be checked and changed by our SFD AC technician. Checked to make sure that the filter is doing its job and protecting! the coil from becoming dirty and changed! because filters need to be changed every 1-3 months depending on the filter and the conditions of the home or business. When the coil is dirty it is almost always a result of a dirty or improperly placed filter. This can lead to needing a replacement.

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