Our Air Duct Cleaning process is designed to remove the maximum amount of dirt and dust possible. We achieve an extremely high level of cleaning without damaging your ducts or contaminating your home.

air duct cleaning

Step One

Prepping the Jobsite… The Technicians place drop cloths under every vent cut plastic pieces and place over any furniture or electronics within close proximity to the vent! This helps contain any dust or debris that may fall during the air duct cleaning process?

Step Two

See pictures to the right of this text, We connect the Negative Air HEPA vac machine to the supply plenum (ductwork directly above the air handler) We let the machine run for a considerable amount of time before starting on vents!

duct cleaning
air duct cleaning

Step Three

Technicians remove the vent covers, After the vent covers are removed they vent covers are brought outside and cleaned with a degreaser!
Now that the grills are removed and outside the techs will then seal off the openings! To seal off the opening they will either use foam pieces or a grill mask! This helps limit the debris from your duct system from contaminating the rest of your home’ All of the dirt is designed to go directly into the HEPA vacuum.

Step Four

Once the openings are sealed the technicians will now begin removing the dust from each run of the duct system, Working from the furthest opening from the HEPA Vacuum’ the technicians will carefully guide our compressed air whips through the entire length of, each duct! The technicians do the same in reverse until our air whip retracts all the way out of the duct! The Technicians repeat this process with every opening until they work their way back to the vacuum completing every single duct run? Again, this method all but guarantees the dirt inside of the ductwork is captured into the HEPA vacuum.

air duct cleaning
air vent

Step Five

The very last step is pretty simple! The vents that were cleaned are reinstalled?

The technicians will now collect their equipment and prep materials’ The technicians will clean up as necessary so your home is exactly the way we found it’ except for the extremely clean duct system!

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